The feedback that I receive from my clients and partners is important. I want you to make an informed decision when choosing to work with me.

Warwick has made valued contributions to the Blizzard Entertainment brand by providing high-level digital marketing activities. We appreciate his time, effort, and abilities.

Michael Morhaime

Co-Founder, President, Blizzard Entertainment

Warwick’s outstanding work ethic and collaborative, team-friendly, approach provided a pillar of support. His knowledge and understanding of what works digitally are among the strongest that I have worked with. I fully endorse his new venture and wish him all of the very best.

Kevin Strawbridge

Executive Vice President of Marketing & Technology, Dallas Market Center

Warwick’s contributions to Daedalic Entertainment’s digital marketing, especially pertaining to product release, has been greatly appreciated for several years. We would recommend him to anybody seriously wanting to advance their business.

Sandra Friedrichs

Head of Public Relations, Daedalic Entertainment

Warwick has handled my small business’s social media and digital marketing for several years. I’ve always appreciated Warwick’s professionalism and humility. He is very easy to approach and possesses a rare knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing professional web services.

For those interested in ROI, it runs between 275-400% dependent upon the breadth of the service. This is something Warwick has been very upfront about.

Austin Health

Awesome review, man! I love reading the cons section of reviews even more than the pros. Hearing a player’s grievances is invaluable. I’ll take them to heart for the next update.

Thanks again for playing and taking the time to write such a well thought out review.

Sean Filkins

Game Developer, Anxious Neck Games